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Rob G Goforth studied computer graphic design and animation at the University of Teesside and has been struggling with depression for most of his life. Writing helps him cope; it is his passion, allowing him to free his mind and imagination from the troubles of the world.
Rob lives in his lair in the North East of England with his long-suffering partner Anna and their cat Newton and has recently begun designing and selling custom t-shirts.

From Orbit

As the Raven reaches orbit all seems routine. The orbiter moves to rendezvous with the orbital platform so they can cycle the crew and resupply.
Little do the multinational crew know that events on the planet below will begin to overtake them all, leading to heartbreaking consequences that none of them could have expected.
Check out Rob G Goforth's debut short story here.

The Burning Rain

Injured, alone, Layri confronts her fears as she attempts to escape from a hostile planet's surface and the corrosive rain that falls every night.
Check out Rob G Goforth's second short story here.

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